Ryan M.jpg

Digital Marketing Manager, The Harrington Agency


(443) 591-4392

Graduated Spring 2019, Salisbury University, Marketing

Ryan’s Story

What helped you get where you are now?

  • Working on OFJS for three semesters formed a strong foundation for many of the digital skills required to become competitive in the digital marketing world. In addition to the course, external certifications kept me up to date on all of the industry's best practices.

What's the best thing about your current position?

  • I am most excited about my company. I found an agency that feels like one big family. We all feel passionate about our clients and always strive to do our very best every day. Plus, the ability to work from home is always a sweet perk!

Please share a quick job search tip with our viewers.

  • Go with the flow...

    When I was conducting my job search, I initially signed with a different company. Three days into working there I received an offer for my current position and had to make the difficult decision to switch jobs. I can't imagine being anywhere other than where I am today though!

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