Marketing Administrator at Tanglewood Conservatories and Co-Founder of the Untangled Minds Foundation


Graduated May 2018, Salisbury University, Accounting and Marketing

Nicole’s Story

What helped you get where you are now?

  • What helped me get to where I am now was taking advantage of opportunities even when I did not see the immediate benefit. My career at Tanglewood started as a marketing intern even though I had absolutely no marketing experience and was pursuing an accounting degree, but my teacher at the time encouraged me to give it a try anyway. Now, 4 and a half years later, I am running their marketing department and partnered with the owner of Tanglewood to start a non-profit organization, Untangled Minds!

    The most important thing I've learned from this experience is to "think like an owner". Owners and managers are looking for people who can take ownership, are curious, open-minded, and care for the organization as if it was their own. The faster you know what the owner (or your boss) is passionate about and can work on tasks/ achieve goals without being asked, you will move up within an organization fast.

What's the best thing about your current position?

  • I get to impact the lives of people in my community and around the world. That has always been my passion and it has been an amazing ride thus far being able to build a career that lets you live your passion every day. Whether it's marketing to Tanglewood's clients or working with the youth in our community through the non-profit, the work I do is changing someone's life.

Please share a quick job search tip with our viewers.

  • Your teachers will be your best friend in building your career. Stay open-minded, curious, network every chance you get, and take advantage of opportunities even when you do not see the immediate benefit.

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