CDR Fundrasing Group, Account Coordinator

LinkedIn- Kyla Kellogg

Graduated Fall 2018, Salisbury University, Marketing

Kyla’s Story

What helped you get where you are now? (Classes, networking, etc.)

  • NETWORKING!! (Paula Morris referred me to the company)

What's the best thing about your current position?

  • Being able to learn more about the intricate world of fundraising and being a part of something truly wonderful!

Please share a quick job search tip with our viewers.

  1. Patience is key!! People are busy and things take time, so don’t get down on yourself if you don’t hear back right away. It’ll all come together!

  2. Nobody told you how daunting of a process this actually is. The act of applying is very repetitive, so take a few hours out of your day to apply- don’t let it consume you or your day! Also, be prepared for a lot of unanswered emails and rejections. It’s nothing personal, just part of the process.

  3. Don’t accept the first job offer unless it’s something you‘re truly interested in! Naturally, there will be pressure to get a job right away. But you owe it to yourself to not give in and pursue your true passions- whatever they may be!

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