Know the 4 W’s BEFORE You Walk Into An Interview

  1. Who are you interviewing with?

    • Ask your recruiter for a list of who you will meet with, what their title is and how they will interact with this role. You don’t need to spend hours googling their title but having an understanding of their position in the company will give you the edge.

  2. What are the job duties and responsibilities?

    • Too often candidates don’t spend enough time reading the job description thoroughly. If you have gotten past the phone interview, it’s time to step up your prep! It’s ok to not understand everything the job will do but if you don’t know, it’s ok to ask them for more details. ASK THIS – “Can you give me an overview of what the ‘day-in-the-life’ of this role would look like?”

  3. Where do I go for the interview?

    • This is a no-brainer, right? Don’t make the mistake of googling the address an hour before you leave. Ask the recruiter for the address, parking directions, identification needed for security, who you should ask for at the front desk and don’t forget to have their phone number as well.

  4. Why do you want this job?

    • If you are looking for your first job or internship, it doesn’t mean you get to skip this question during the interview. “I am looking for a job because I’m about to graduate” will not give the employer a real idea of why you are there. Be prepared to answer this question because it will come up in almost every interview you go to.

 Prepping for an interview can feel overwhelming but you will never be faulted with being OVER prepared.