Thank You Notes

Living in a world of technology, the traditional thank you note that is handwritten, put into an envelope, and sent to the interviewer seems like a thing of the past. Although sending an email is effective, a note written with pen and paper will help you stand out with employers.

How important are thank you notes in the interviewing process? Extremely. It is always a good idea to do something as simple as writing a thank you note in order to leave a good impression. There is no downside here as it shows your genuine character... (and your name one last time for employers to see).


What should the perfect thank you note include?

  1. Paper that pops.  This paper is meant to impress, not used for scrap. (Be sure to include your contact information.)

  2. Personalization. Be unique to the employer and make them feel special.

  3. Error free. The last thing you need is a spelling mistake or a missed comma.

  4. Don’t wait. When the interview ends, the note begins.

The thank you note is designed to help you in the interview process, not hurt you. Sending an email may be just enough to impress the employer, but the thank you note could take you to the next level in your first job search. Many times, employers are unable to decide between their top 2 candidates. Often a handwritten note makes the decision for them. What are you waiting for? Get out your pen and paper and start writing the perfect thank you note. (You can send us one later.)