Dress Code



  • Wear a suit with a button down, tie, dress pants, and dress shoes.

  • Make sure your facial hair is freshly trimmed or shaved.

  • Get a fresh haircut a few days prior.

  • Wear a watch that matches your suit.

  • Bring a briefcase or shoulder bag, not a backpack.


  • Over apply cologne.

  • Wear opposing colors (black & blue).

  • Have wrinkles.

  • Wear an untucked shirt.

  • Wear the wrong color dress socks (click here for help).



  • Wear colors that compliment you.

  • Be on the conservative side.

  • Keep your hair neat and off your face.

  • Use a purse or bag.

  • Keep nails freshly painted with a neutral color.


  • Keep accessories on your head such as sunglasses.

  • No short skirts, low cut shirts, or show shoulders.

  • Have on too much jewelry.

  • Wear too much perfume.

  • Wear uncomfortable shoes or heels that are too high.

  • Wear piercings (tongue, nose, eyebrow) they are not needed.

These are a few helpful tips to help make sure you dress the part. Things also to remember for both genders are to turn off cell phones, cover tattoos, and look professional. Don’t wear jeans or sneakers to a professional interview or job fair. Dressing up and looking professional will give you more confidence and get the job or interview you want.