What to do when applying for a job

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With any application for a potential employer, it should be your best. Regardless of whether or not the job is your first choice, putting forth maximum effort when applying will help you build your skills. When applying for a job, be sure that:

  • You have an updated resume and cover letter.

  • You’ve asked your references if they can be used.

  • You’ve done your research about the position and company.

  • You’ve cleaned up your social media.

You may have your standard resume, however your resume should be altered and edited to fit each job you apply for. Your resume should include words from the job description for the job you’re applying to. If your resume goes through a scanning system, the computer will pick up on the words you used from the job description in your resume and will better your chances to get the phone screening. On the following page, we will go more in depth about the four bullets above and the Do’s and Don’ts of applying.

You want to stand out.

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