Preparing for the interview


Before coming to the interview, you should have practiced answers and have a general idea as to how to answer the basic questions. Later in this section there will be more details about questions asked and how to answer them.

You should plan to arrive at least 10 – 15 minutes prior to the scheduled interview time. If something happens last minute, this will give you wiggle room to still be on time for the interview. As mentioned above, you should come to the interview prepared, with questions, a notebook, a business card, copy of resume and all research done. If you DO NOT have a business card, check out this website. It is important to have your cell phone turned off, silenced or out of sight so it does not interrupt the process. When going in to meet the interviewer, be sure to smile, give a firm handshake, and breathe. Your interview begins as soon as you park your car.

The most nerve-wracking part of an interview can be the questions they may ask you, but think of each interview as more practice! During the interview, remember to think about what you want to say before saying it and make sure your answers are clear, concise, and straight to the point.

Next, we will go in more depth about common interview questions.