Do your homework!

Helpful sources when applying for jobs



Be prepared!

It is important to ask your references ahead of time if they can be used because you should NOT assume they will say yes. Also, asking them allows them to prepare for questions the potential employer may ask. Not only should you ask your reference to be used, you should also research the company IN-DEPTH.

Researching is important because it shows that you are prepared and interested. If you do not come prepared it doesn’t make you look like a good candidate for the position. If you do your research, you will not be thrown off if you are asked “so what do you know about our company?” The more prepared you are, the better!

In addition to researching prior, you should also make it a goal to clean up your social media. This step may not seem important, but employers research candidates before interviewing! Employers seek trustworthy, reliable employees who can represent the company well, so be sure YOU are that person!

More information for maintaining and creating your social media can be found here and for our tools workbook.