how to dress: making a great impression

Dress the part. First impressions are key! Make sure to be well-groomed, dress professionally and appropriately. Keep reading this section for more information on the do’s and don’ts of appropriate networking attire. You may feel like you’ve already read tips about how to dress. We repeat it here because you only get one chance to make a GREAT first impression.


here’s what you should do

·     DO wear a neat blouse with long or quarter length sleeves 

·     DO wear a tailored blazer or a nice sweater if you have no sleeves

·     DO wear pressed slacks or a knee length skirt or dress

·     DO wear clean flats or conservative heels

·     DO wear conservative jewelry and accessories

·     DO keep your hair out of your face to avoid playing with it during conversation

what to do continued…

·     DO wear a pressed button-up shirt or polo.

·     DO wear a tailored formal jacket or a nice sweater.

·     DO learn how to tie a tie click HERE for help! 

·     DO tuck your shirt in.

·     DO wear pressed slacks or khakis.

·     DO wear dark or beige/tan dress socks (no ankle socks).

·     DO wear nice dress shoes/loafers/wingtips. Bonus points if you can coordinate your shoes and belt!

·     DO brush or style your hair.


heres what not to do…

  • DON’T show off your arms/shoulders or excessive cleavage.

  • DON’T wear a skirt or dress too far above your knees.

  • DON’T overdo your makeup. Keep it light and natural. 

  • DON’T wear jeans or sweatpants to a networking event.

  • DON’T wear your hair in a messy bun. 

  • DON’T got too crazy with bright colors or patterns. Keep it balanced and professional. 

  • DON’T wear shorts 

  • DON’T wear sneakers or flipflops

  • DON’T wear slacks or a jacket that are ill fitting.

  • Click HERE for some guidelines on how a suit should fit.

  • DON’T wear mismatched colors. If your pants are black do not wear brown shoes.