what to do if you have two offers

Did you receive two job offers? Follow our tips below to see what to do in this situation.


make sure there are two offers

Confirm with both companies that you are interviewing with that there are actually two offers, in writing, on the able. You don’t want to assume anything when it comes to the job search process. So, before you even begin the following steps be sure to see both job offers, in writing. Then you can move on to what comes next. It could be extremely detrimental to your job search if you were just to assume anything. Confirm before all else.


be honest with both companies

Always, always, always be honest to every company that you are interviewing with. Honesty will take you a long way in your career, no matter what profession it is. Let both companies know that you have multiple offers and you need some time to think it over. If a company is not OK with you taking time to think about your future then that is probably not a company that you want to work for in the first place. Honesty is the best policy.


make your decision

Once you take time to think over the process and discuss with whoever it is you make your decisions with, you need to make  your decision.

Once you determine which company is a better fit for you  accept their offer. You never want to take the risk of losing the job you want. 

Next, you have to notify the second company, even though you  are turning them down they will be appreciative that they heard of your decision from you and not another individual or group. 

Doing this will secure you a job you are happy with and show the company you turned down that you are able to act professionally.


thank yous

Tell them you appreciate their offer  and thank them for considering you and that you hope all the best for them. They will most likely wish all the same for you and you both can go on  your separate ways.

You never know if you will see them again down the road so make sure to leave on good terms. You are now hired and take your first step in your young career.

This may sound like a repetitive tip, but once again it is  the most important  one. Even though you turned down a company’s offer, they too chose you and that is a very big honor.