Negotiation steps



This is an extremely important part of the process and that’s also why it’s listed first.

Before you make ANY attempt to negotiate a salary,  you need to have at least a solid understanding of  the background of the company. This can come in  the form of wage statistics among current and past  employees, as well as other wage statistics within the  industry as a whole.


know your worth

This is where you really need to dig deep into your own  mind and ask yourself what you think you really deserve  in a salary.

Everyone wants to make as much money as they can, that’s  perfectly normal. With that being said, many people feel timid  or uncomfortable asking their employers for a higher salary.

Don’t be worried, it’s very beneficial to realize that the money  you ask to be added to your salary is marginal to the  company but goes a long way for you.

deTermining your wage

Check list:

    Take into account all of your research.

    Determine a wage that YOU feel comfortable receiving.

    Work car?

    Gasoline compensation?

    Vacation Days?

    Health benefits?

    Sick days?

    Work phones?

To find more potential benefits check out this link.



You know the saying, practice makes perfect. Once you get in  front of your employer ready to negotiate, things might not go as  planned. Even if you do practice things still may not go how you  had expected them to. That’s okay, but it helps to have a few  backup plans or some experience with how the talk might go. Ask  a friend to role play or watch a few videos, whatever helps you the  most, do it! It is never bad to be prepared.


be resilient

Resilience: Don’t back down! Try your hardest to  get what you think you deserve.

Now, there is always a fine line where negotiations turn to  arguments, so obviously it is necessary to keep calm and  composed throughout the whole process. However, that  does NOT mean that at the first sign of doubt you should turn  away. Remember, this employer picked you for the job, so  you clearly stood out to them among others who wanted the  same position.

Rescinding of offers is extremely rare, so don’t be worried  that you’re going to lose the job before you get it. Sell  yourself, sell what you’re worth and get the most out of your  new job! Keep scrolling for a great video summing up some  of the things we’ve talked about so far!