Job Acceptance tips

Got a job offer? Here are some tips on how to accept it!


step one: respond asap

A company is happy to hand out a job offer to an individual that they feel is qualified and will work well within their organization. So, don’t make them wait. They want to get you hired and get you to work just as fast as you want to  start. Don’t let the process drag out long enough to the point where it starts to leave some doubt. Make sure to respond as soon as possible; a week is a good rule of thumb.


step two: notify the other companies

The job application process can be a long and wide one. When I say wide, I mean the amount of companies that you have sent resumes to and interviewed  with. Although these companies have not yet offered you a job, they may have been thinking about doing so. Let them know that you are no longer available to be a potential employee for their company. They will appreciate the information and it will  foster a good relationship.


step three: complete necessary paperwork

The paperwork is the final step before officially becoming hired. This step can almost be linked together with responding quickly because once again, you don’t want to keep your employer waiting. Expect the paperwork and be prepared once you get it.


step four: plan a budget

Since you are just out of college and accepting your first job you will need to save. Plan out a smart budget so that you save money for the long haul but at the same time allowing yourself to have some spending money. Some people may skip or forget this step but it is just as important as the others. This step can make or break you before you even really get your feet moving. Plan a budget and stick to it.


step five: say thank you

Be grateful, out of all the people that have applied for this position, they chose you. Everyone thinks that an email saying thank you is the way to go about it. That may be nice, but send  a handwritten note and maybe even hand deliver them on your first day. It will help make a lasting impression on your new coworkers that you are appreciative and excited for this first step in your career.