Genevieve SSS photo.jpg

Account Executive, Nevins & Associates

Graduated Spring 2019, Salisbury University, Communications

Genevieve's Story

What helped you get where you are now?

  • In my experience, the professors at Salisbury go above and beyond to provide opportunities and resources for their students. Maintaining relationships that I built while at SU was extremely helpful during both my graduate school application process and, more recently, my job search process.

What's the best thing about your current position?

  • I’m excited to work with a wide range of clients from a background of different industries, including nonprofit and healthcare groups.

Please share a quick job search tip with our viewers.

  • If an opportunity presents itself, take it! Internships, on-campus jobs, case competitions and networking events are all great opportunities to discover your interests and connect with new people. And don’t be afraid to reach out to people for job search advice. Former professors, bosses, coworkers and classmates can all be excellent resources who can help you expand your network.

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