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Don’t know where to start?

Here are some helpful surveys to jump start your search:

Being in college and having enough money to buy groceries can be a struggle at times, so let’s not break the bank when trying to find out who we are! Let’s start off with a free survey:


16 Personality Types.

Time to Complete: 12 Minutes

Cost: $0

Purpose: What is your personality type? There are 16 personality types in this survey.

With this test you'll be scored and identified by 16 personalities in four different categories. The categories include:

  • Explorers

  • Sentinels   

  • Diplomats

  • Analysis's

From the information you receive, you are able to identify how your personality is categorized.

“What’s your Animal Personality Type”

Time to Complete: 10 Minutes

Cost: $0

Purpose: Find out what your personality type is based off of a fun twist to the Myers- Brigg Test

“What Kind of Worker are You?”

Time to Complete: 7 Minutes

Cost: $0

Purpose: See what type of work

environment fits you best!