Question: Are there any quick/easy ways to improve my resume?

Answer: Absolutely! But, depending on who you ask, you may receive different responses. Here are some quick pieces of advice from us though:

  • Try to refrain from repeating any points in your resume since you have limited space to make yourself stand out to potential employers.

  • Don’t include an objective statement (for example: I am seeking…). Employers know you are seeking a job. Instead, use that space to include other information about yourself that would be appealing to employers.

  • Word things differently - use exciting, strong, and key words (words found in the job description). They will help make you stand out among other applicants and indicate that you have strong communication skills. Employers love strong communication skills!

  • See this tip from one of our pros….

Question: How do I find and apply for a job?

Answer: You can look on any job seeking websites, for example, Indeed or Glassdoor.  These sites make it easy to look for any job you want and easy to apply.

Question: What can I do if I don’t get a reply to an email?

Answer: If you don’t get a reply, then email the hiring manager for an update on your application. If you still have not gotten an email back, then start looking for more opportunities. Never focus on only one application.

Question: Why did my application get rejected?

Answer: There are many reasons why your application could have gotten rejected: maybe there is a lot of competition or your skills and work experience may not be exactly what the employer needed. But don’t get discouraged! Our most successful job seekers apply to 10 or more jobs. So get out there and apply, apply, apply!