Let’s Use CRM


Benefits of a CRM:

1. Easily access information

2. Quickly maintain job search contacts

3. Simply communicate with potential employers

Let’s Use CRM

The CRM software contains key components that will help students and individuals looking for a first job.

The objective of this workbook is to assist students conducting their first job search:

●      Learn the CRM Software and its benefits for Job Search Management

●      Plan job search: Utilizing step-by-step instructions students analyze and organize their job search process

●      Implement CRM into Key job search functions: students apply the functions and capabilities of CRM software to their own job search plan.

●      Understand Follow Up Reminders and Mechanisms: the software allows for a variety of reminder methods. Based upon the plan implemented, students understand various follow-up tools.

●      Evaluate and Track Results: utilizing the CRM’s powerful reporting tools, students make corrections and adjustments to the plan.