Isn’t CRM a Sales Tool? 

Let’s twist perspectives.

CRM software, including the free tool available through HubSpot is designed from a B2B perspective of managing relationships with customers and suppliers. CRM is usually a sales and marketing tool.  So, if you take a literal look at the software, it does not apply to a job search at all.

The magic of using CRM in a Job Search situation requires a twist in perspective. In essence, the job search process is a large sales funnel and you are the only product available. Your conversion goal is finding the perfect buyer to “buy” a unique and valuable product – YOU!

Let’s redefine some CRM terms from the job search point of view.

•        Product = you.

•        Conversion Goal = Job Offer and Acceptance

•        Customer = people involved in the hiring process, i.e. recruiters, job boards, anyone in your network that might know of a job opportunity (think hiring folks and others that could link you to hiring folks.)

•        Relationship = Consider the customer’s perspective. Where are they in the recruitment process? What does each customer need? When do they need it? What’s the best method for delivering what they need? What do you need to do to move them toward “conversion” (offering you a job)?

•        Management = CRM is a management tool that allows you to keep up with your customers. It helps you provide the right information at the right time delivered in a way the customer expects it.

CRM simply helps people and businesses manage relationships.  By adjusting your perspective, and applying it properly, CRM is a perfect tool to enhance your job search.