“All our dreams can come true… we just need the courage to pursue them.”

~Walt Disney

A Class Project

Are you curious about who created And why?

It evolved from a classroom challenge.  After signing up for a new course, called Special Topics: Content Creation & Inbound Marketing, we had no idea that we were going to have to figure out how to share content with a real audience and measure results.

After brainstorming a bit, and sharing ideas among the 60 students in two sections of the class, we realized we are all struggling with figuring out how to look for jobs and internships. After a bit of research, we realized our struggle is fairly universal across college campuses. Thus, we decided to create a place for college students to come for tips at every stage of the Job Search Process.

Wherever you are, it starts here.



Our Professor

Paula T. Morris, Professor of the Practice at Salisbury University's Perdue School of Business. If you want to know more about Mrs. M., check out her webpage.



This web-page is created by students for students with the assistance of our professor, job search experts, and the Perdue School of Business in Salisbury, Maryland. 

SPRING 2018: This semester, we've researched our target audience, planned our strategy, designed this web page, organized our blog and written e-books for your use.

FALL 2018: User experience was our theme. Based upon feedback from our users, we spent a bunch of time this semester making improvements and enhancing content. The first hurdle was converting all of the eBooks (.jpg images) to fully functioning web pages with internal links for improved navigation. Delving into new content areas, we added video content throughout the Job Search Steps and developed new Job Search Resources. Partially because of social media and on-campus promotions, and partially because of the SEO improvements to the site,’s audience grew significantly. Finally, we ended the semester with a logo and color redesign enhancing readability on the web-page.

SPRING 2019: Growth was our goal. Each student in the class ran a digital marketing campaign to drive growth and it worked! Additionally, we streamlined the web design, e making it simpler and faster to navigate. Finally, the direction of the webpage changed from tips by students for students. Based on our marketing research, we added more professionally driven content. Tips from the Pro’s, Student Success Stories and Job Search Resources all started this semester.

FALL 2019: The plan is to launch more campaigns to drive more growth. Listening to our users, we’ll continue building the content you request. Look for more videos and graphics.

Each Semester builds upon the first. Please, let us know what you need. We'll work to make this your "go to" starting place for internship, job and career information.